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Based in Hoedspruit, South Africa Rhino Revolution is a community based initiative dedicated to saving the Rhino Species in South Africa and to educate the world at large as to the useless use of Rhino Horn in medicine.

Our initiative began in August 2011 after a meeting of Rhino owners and concerned community members decided enough was enough and decided to get working actively to stop this scourge. At the first meeting more than 70 people attended, showing the dedication and co-operation that a community can show when the chips are down. Among the organizations represented :

  • Most Rhino Owners
  • SAPS
  • Security Companys’
  • Farm Watch
  • Media
  • Concerned Citizens

We have since had many top authourities discussing their Anti-Poaching plans particularly Mr Ken Mags Head of SAN Parks Anti-Poaching and the SAPS Joint Ops Rhino Poaching Unit.

As Rhino Revolution we have initiated a 7 Point Plan to actively get working and to this end we are seeing early successes already.

We hold regular meetings with our general group of interested parties and our working groups meet once a week to discuss and implement the action plan. Our feed back meetings are normally held on a Friday morning where we provide comprehensive feedback on the situation on the ground and where we are on the implementation of our plan.

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