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Government needs to assist with Rhino Poaching Crisis

15 June 2012, Hoedspruit, Limpopo, South Africa

Jennifer Duncan – Rhino Revolution

With 246 Rhino poached this year so far, we are now heading for the over 600 mark if something is not done urgently.

The tourism industry is one of the biggest income producers in South Africa and the Big 5 attraction being one of the biggest reasons why tourists visit South Africa.  Over 8 million tourists visited South Africa in 2011, a 3.3% increase from 2010. Tourism contributes more than double to the economy, as a percentage of GDP, versus Gold.

Rhino poaching is on the increase and little is being done to protect these animals from being killed for their horns. Government has billions in store for job creation. Is it not time to protect the assets in this country and use the resouces that are so readily available? We are under siege and we should be concerned that our rhino population and other vulnerable species are under threat due to a lack of assistance from the government to provide the necessary protection.

With training academies on our doorstep in Hoedspruit, we are able to provide the necessary anti-poaching training to create sustainable jobs within our unemployed sectors. Conservation needs to be made a priority in South Africa and Africa on a whole and the government needs to take a stance in preserving its natural heritage.

Respect, Responsiblity and Resourcefulness. It is time we take action and find a sustainable way to STOP RHINO POACHING.

“There is relatively little demand in China now, especially for medicinal use. The demand mainly comes from Vietnam.”

In Vietnam, the horn is ground into a powder that is believed to treat fevers, stay youthful and even cure cancer. None of those uses have any scientific basis. Rhino horns are mostly made of keratin, the same material in human fingernails. Source: News24.

In efforts to protect our rhino, Rhino Revolution will be performing more de-hornings today due to an increase of poachings in the area. The procedure will be televised and a further update on when this can be viewed will be announced. Poachers are not welcome in Hoedspruit. We have upped the patrols, have more visibility on the roads and we WILL NOT tolerate any form of unlawfulness.

For more information contact us on 082 385 9812.

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